WanderWare Solo Pricing

Available Licensing Options
  • Personal Use License

  • FREE, allows maximum of 50 user logons per day

  • Developer License

  • FREE, has all capabilities of base product, except that it requires periodic resets. May only be used for development purposes on non-production servers.

  • Base Server License

  • $1295.00, allows unlimited users and sites on a single server of any configuration. Includes 50,000 user logons per day.

  • User Pack Addon

  • $295.00, additional 50,000 user logons per day.

  • Proxy Engine Option

  • +50%, allows installation of authentication cache and server on separate server for greater capacity. compatible with clustering and load balancing.

  • Lease Option

  • 25% down, 6.5%/month affordable pay as you go option. no minimum term.

  • Service Bureau Option

  • custom quote, password authentication services hosted by wanderware.com at our data center. Prices are calculated on the basis of pro-rated users/month.

  • Rebate Program

  • SAVE 25%, for a limited time, qualify for a rebate when you include a text pointer to us on your home page.

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