WanderWare Authentication and Authorization

WanderWare Product Summary
Defensive Regimes
Isapi Authentication Filter
Active Directory Independence
Basic and Digest Authentication Interoperability
Protection of Builtin Accounts
ISA Server Reverse Cache Support
Cross Site Partitioned Access Option
Proxy Server Detection Support
Communication Protocols
Browser Cookie Independence
Authentication Protocols
Secure Password Storage
Password Recovery
Account and Password Lockout
Password Protection
Protection Scope
Gateway Page
Simplified Development
Session Bandwidth, Connection and Time Limits
Tarpits as a Defense
Self Tuning Memory Management
Administrative Alerts
Standard SQL Storage
Integrated SQL-MMDB Caching
Browser Update Isolation
Login Process
Custom Login Forms
Meta-Refresh Directives
Site Naming Conventions
Access to User Names and Session State
Performance Considerations
Browser Support for HTTP/1.1 Digest Authentication
System Requirements
Purchase Wanderware Product Activation Key
Purchase Transaction Status
Purchase Transaction Status
WANDERWARE.COM Contact Information
Security and Password Concepts

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distributed password protection
iis basic authentication
iis digest authentication

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