Integrated SQL-MMDB Caching

An enhanced MMDB(main memory database) is integrated into the authentication control engine of the product which interfaces with the isapi authentication filter and the SQL storage server selected by the site. The MMDB is based upon extensions to current published research papers relating to future lookup techniques for high speed internet backbone routers.

The MMDB reduces the workload of the SQL server while greatly accelerating the speed of authentication processes. A typical benchmark result for internal timing with large populations on modest hardware is:

timing results @333 mhz 512mb ram
n=10,000,000 records in test set
ip inserts:18 seconds555,555/second
ip lookups:11 seconds909,090/second
timing results @333 mhz 512mb ram
n=933,980 records in test set
user inserts:8 seconds116,747/second
user lookups:3 seconds311,326/second

The scaling characteristics are essentially linear for increases in cpu speed.

This level of performance exceeds by several orders of magnitude the capabilities of both conventional SQL servers and any available web server. It ensures that the authentication processes will never be a performance bottleneck even in server farm load balanced configurations.


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